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Lecture 15

POL200Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Girolamo Savonarola, Tyrant

Political Science
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Ryan Balot

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Example of Turks - Muslim Ottoman Empire
Used example two time : in chapters 3 and 5
Focus on going to live there --> best option, appealing
Either destroy the republic, or go live there
Holy new princes / principalities that last
People taught to admire / revere as supreme
Theme : greatest political examples
Why is Moses in this list? He doesn't belong.
Moses was a prophet, servant of god - incommensurable
Others from propane history, Moses from religious
Who is greater? - depends on one's beliefs, standards
Why does Machiavelli leave him in the chapter?
Wasn't a true servant of God - used religion as a way to
achieve the same ends as Romulus, etc.
What all political leaders have done is equal to what Moses did
with the help of God
Founders imposed order on original chaos, has nothing but fortune
and their own virtue
Moses is same : Moses saw oppression as his chance..'
Reading of Bible that excludes God
Acquire with different, hold with east - impose new laws /
innovate in order to survive
Moses political activity was a means to imposing God's law -->
Machiavelli says God's law was used for political activity
From biblical : true succeed, false fail
Doesn't matter to Machiavelli whether true or false, but ability
to enforce beliefs through arms
Those who rely on God fail
Therefore, Romulus / Cyrus are no more prophets than Moses
If enough force is applied, people will not just obey, but
No longer believe, be made to believe by force
Introduction of prophecy : armed prophets succeed, unarmed
prophets failed - true prophets v. false
Lists founders of four great nations : Moses, Cyrus, Theseus, Romulus
Unarmed prophets will not succeed
Dominican monk, came to Florence - was powerful
If all fail, how did Jesus succeed? --> PROBLEM
Could say Constantine (armed) was responsible
Reminder of Jesus - greatest unarmed prophet
Chapter VI
Lecture 2.3: Machiavelli, The Prince, chapters 6-8
January 19, 2017
2:00 PM
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