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Lecture 21

POL200Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Personation, Totalitarianism

Political Science
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Ryan Balot

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Do not harm others if do not wish harm - natural laws
Teaching of Jews / golden rule
Do not have to do, but NOT do
Do not have to help others, but protect self
Equal respect comes out of fear of others
Ignobility: look out for #1 - selfless dedication
Revolutionary and destabilizing
No form of superiority can exist - basic equality
Section 35 / Chapter 15 - Moral / political teachings
Because he serves us, we will obey him
Ruler's authority depends upon our authorship / agreement
No one necessarily better than us at leading
Rests upon contract / agreement making agent / representation
Person is he whose words / actions are own or represent those of others
Servant who serves him by being master
Parliament has no authority in its own name
Not the people, but representatives that make decisions
Chapter 16 - personation / representation
106-7 summary of previous chapters
Discussion of social animals --> don't need sovereign but don't need because
no reason (leave state of nature)
Humans only animal to disagree / think things are worth dying for
Bees are better than humans because they are free of troubles
Confer power or will into one will power to represent people
109 Commonwealth : protect from invasion of others, etc.
As humans we are weak / foolish - create mortal God that is us united together
to counteract flaws
Relinquish claim to govern self
Transfer right to govern to third party --> does not have natural right to rule,
but at as an agent
No longer about contending claims to rule
Chapter 17
Compelled to accept sovereign's actions as own
If lack one, can't do other
Questioning sovereign would eliminate power - needed
Power to protect is power to oppress - can't distinguish
This ultimately lead back to state of nature
Recognize opinions are not worth dying for - driven by passion / interest,
change often
Elites convince people to die for opinions that only serve elites --?
Opinions are vain, where is right? --> pride
Sovereign's authority : general control of speech / opinion - at their
discretion --> end and spirit are liberal
Main purpose of life is to avoid collision
Chapter 18 - rights of sovereigns
Lecture 2.9: Hobbes,
, chapters 17-19, 20-21, 29-30
March 9, 2017
2:00 PM
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