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Lecture 17

POL200Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Glaucon

Political Science
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Clifford Orwin

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Study Question #3:
The paradox
o Involves justice
o Made an argument for goodness of justice that makes a parallel between the city and
Where there was injustice, therefore disagreement, that city became incapable
of action
Socrates defined justice of society as its eternal harmony
Justice in the individual is every part of the soul minding its own business
Not only has Socrates indicated good of justice in the souls, but it is unclear
what this new understanding of justice means in the relation to the old
understanding of justice
The Women's Drama:
Begins with an objection from a man as there were no women present
Study question
o At first Socrates seems to agree with feminism, in that women have the capacity
equal to those of men and equal contribution to society
o As argument proceeds, Socrates seems to withdraw what he said when asked if
women were equal in capacity to men in society
o What kind of drama is this?
Drama begins with the same way of life with men and women
Why do we believe women should have the same opportunities as men?
o Presumption of equal capacity between men and women
For women not to act on this equal capacity is unjust to them
o Beneficial to society, not just women, that women have equal rights otherwise society
will have too much power
The city will impose this scheme on women just as communism has been imposed on the
Women of all ages will work out naked in gyms along with men, and once the benefits of
working out naked became known then it became the sensible thing to do
o Unless something can be shown as negative or positive, Socrates states to not let
ridiculousness influence one's choices
What is the model of proper treatment for women, according to Socrates?
o Dogs
o Argues men and women being equal in society allows it to be more productive
Everyone agrees men and women have different natures, therefore should be responsible
for different things
o Socrates states this contradicts what was previously mentioned of women being
trained and educated like men
o In every human activity, there will always be some women better than some men
o Argues that the wisest and war-like women are equal to the wisest and war-like men
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