POL200Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Barter, Hulder, Denim

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10 Nov 2020
www.english-test.net (b) alleyway; narrow road between mountains;
successful grade on a test adv. throughout (c) to take on loan; to copy; to steal
(c) part of a television or computer monitor where the picture is displayed (c) to
visit; to spend time in a place; to remain temporarily; to lodge
(c) positive; approving; likable; helpful; encouraging; desirable Q3
(d) feasible; workable; applicable; useful; efficacious Q9
(e) small vegetable growth; factory; equipment
(f) occasion; instance; situation; bag
n. enclosure
(c) to convey; to give; to bring; to distribute; to express
(d) clearly; in a straightforward manner
(e) competition; equal opponent; partner; counterweight; game
(f) to cause discomfort; to trouble; to put out; to disturb
(g) abuse; molestation
v. familiarize Q5
(c) fee for sending letters or packages by mail 186 632
(d) to be involved; to join in 33
thin sheets of fibrous material used to write on; article; essay; questionnaire
(f) to postpone; to dismiss from a job; to fire
(g) to choose; to vote for; to prefer; to decide
(h) to bind; to fasten with a rope or cord
Q2 v. stipulate Q1 (b) to copy; to photograph; to snapshot (b) region; district;
zone; area; domain
v. retrieve 93
w. pioneer 635
(b) to mark as different; to see as different; to discern; to recognize
(c) to consent; to concur; to suit; to have the same opinion; to fit
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