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POL200Y1 Lecture Notes - Thesis Statement, Sparknotes

Political Science
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Janice Stein

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Final Essay Topic!
Compare and contrast the ideas of Hobbes and Machiavelli on the role of conflict in political life.
What are the sources of human conflict according to each thinker? How does each thinker’s
assessment of conflict affect his theory of good (or effective) government? !
Remember that:!
There is no single ‘right’ answer to this question, only better and worse answers. So what makes
a good answer? Here are the basics:!
(i) A clear thesis statement. A thesis statement is a statement that answers the question. It
does not simply repeat the topic. “In this essay I will discuss the thoughts of Hobbes and
Machiavelli on conflict” is not a thesis statement. !
(ii) Engagement with the text. Your answer should not look like a ‘spark notes’ article. You need
to indicate to your T.A.s that you have read, understood, and analyzed the relevant material.
You do this by picking out and discussing relevant passages from each work, accompanied
by appropriate citations.!
(iii) A clear organizing scheme. Your essay should contain an introduction, a body consisting of
sub-arguments that support your main argument, and a conclusion. !
Feel free to discuss any questions or concerns either with Ms. Verli, or your T.A. !
N.B. The essay is due on JULY 29 at 6:00 pm. Your T.A. will instruct you on how to submit your
essay. You will also be required to hand in a copy to !
Good luck!!