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introduction to machiavelli

Political Science
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Janice Stein

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September 16, 2010
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Modernity is a process, a way; further is always better
First semester on the modern thinkers, second semester on the ancient thinkers
Has the authority of modernity has been left unchallenged?
Liberal modernity is left strained
Western intellectuals: modernity
Global warming: environmental damages, known as causes for concern
Genetic engineering
Mass media
Global struggle between modernity and the opposition (struggle within Islam)
Post-modernism: cultures outside the modern pool, weak identity, post-
modernism carries what modernity has left off
Purpose of the course: to clarify the status of modernity, study the reaction of
pre-modern thought
Ancient vs. modern reason, reason vs. revelation
A famous name
Power is the ultimate goal
The greatest teacher of evil
More satanic than Satan himself
Real politic
A hero of Italian nationalism
Truth-teller, liberator
Teach his evil, but was able to persuade us that it was good
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