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Political Science
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Janice Stein

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POL200 Nov 4
Hobbes leaves no argument unacknowledged
Hobbes is the first thinker for whom power, and not the good, is the primary concern
Money is one form of power
power is the money of human life
all human relationships are power relationships
power relationships are unequal
all human worth is relative
a hero has no absolute worth
worth is determined by price
determined by the buyer and not the seller
there is no life of intrinsic worth
no meaningful life
according to Hobbes, we have worth in the sight of God, and this notion is very
Chapter 11
Hobbes slips into a standard of living together in peace and unity
no human being can escape from cycle of desire
Hobbes appraises different ways of life
religion was a very important topic for Hobbes
religion in Chapter 11 POTENTIAL ESSAY TOPIC
Chapter 12
our appetites are unpredictable
our main concern is for power as the currency that satisfies our appetites
in order to establish that we shouldnt be brave, we must establish that there is
nothing worth dying for
all human commitments and all human opinions of the good are arbitrary,
ungrounded and have no solidarity
Chapter 13
What is most important for us, we make for ourselves
Argument for natural political quality
First such argument by political philosophers
We are all equals
why do we accept this statement?
it was not an argument that was accepted, and considered repulsive and offensive
Hobbess argument is that everyone has different qualities but anyone has the right
to political superiority
differences are not great enough to prevent one man from overcoming another
equality or inequality in the realm of respect
we are all mortal Hobbes is the first to recognize this as politically decisive rather
than politically irrelevant
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