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Political Science
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Janice Stein

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POL200 Jan 20
We all resemble the characters of Plato because we all have opinions of justice and
claim to possess the knowledge of justice
We should be ashamed at not knowing what justice is and we should be ashamed at
falsely claiming that we know what justice is
The problem between the relation of art and justice
We cant identify any art with justice
Art is neither just or unjust
Justice is not an art but a virtue
The just man seems to be characterized by intentions
A just man is a righteous man
Justice is entirely a matter of good will or righteous intention
But the basis still may lie in knowledge
We cant be just if we dont know what the good is and how to do it
The only fitting arguments is the arts
So justice must be an art and must not be one
Who are friends?
If justice is doing good to friends and harm to enemies, one must know what a
friend is
If you harm a man who turns out to be good, you have done injustice
A man who seems to be good and truly is good is a friend who we must do good to
A man who seems bad and is bad is an enemy and deserves harm
If harm must be done to the enemy, then just men will be harmed
The problem with Polemrechuss argument is self-centred
His argument is a critique for political justice
In the end, it would mean that the just man doesnt harm anyone
To harm a human would make them more unjust
But Socrates undoes that argument and establishes that a just man must not harm
any other being
What then does it mean to harm or help someone
To help someone would be to make someone more just in Polemrechuss argument
In actuality, he means that helping a friend is to help them acquire things that they
Are the possessions of a man more important for him than justice?
Justice comes first
Justice should be only a means to the example
Socrates implies that Polemrechuss definition of justice is suited for tyrant, or
barbarous kings or traitors
An argument is that justice is in fact most important thing for us
Then how do you vindicate this argument?
We must show that it is very different than what we think of it as
Rhetoric was the presumed key to success
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