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Political Science
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Janice Stein

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POL200 Feb 3
What does Justice say to us?
It says no
The truly just person must be someone who says no to himself
Most just is one who will sacrifice the most
Giving up what we want to accommodate what others want
Justice is painful and it is questionable
There are two ways of making justice make sense
The first is what Glaucon wants to hear
Justice is so great and good that it is worth the sacrifice of all other goods to it
The man who dies just dies happy
The second is what Adimantus wants to hear
The sacrifices that Justice requires arent that painful
Justice is actually pleasant and relatively easy
Justice is a reasonable way of life
The most obvious obstacle that Socrates faces is that they dont know what justice is
Socrates proposes the construction of a city in speech as a way out of their dilemma
The city in speech is not the point of the dialogue
The point is to defend justice in the individual, and the goodness of the virtue of
justice to the individual
In the first stage, Socrates converses with Adimantus
The city of speech arises out of the natural need of the body
By nature, our bodies need different things
We need other people to help us obtain them
Human beings are naturally nature or naturally political
Adimantus says this is all common sense
The city as it fist emerges is a city of artisans and based on trade
Socrates asks where Justice is and Adimantus suggest it lies in the needs the people
have for each other
But the question is left unsolved
Everybody in the city is serving their own interests
There is no justice in this city, because there is no desire to see to the others need
Socrates leaves this suggestion from Adimantus hanging
He goes on to describe life in this city
It is pleasant, easy, tranquil and free of all evils
Even death is not mentioned
Life in this city is idyllic but a little dull
This city reflects Adimantus, because he also seems to be an easy going person
But Glaucon interrupts and says the city is impossible
Such a city lacks relishes according to Glaucon
Glaucon interrupts when Socrates describes the sex life and that there is no
pleasure in sex in this city
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