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lecture Note - Plato (VERY DETAILED)

Political Science
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Janice Stein

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POL200 Feb 10
The content of poetry and virtue have been reformed
They now try to ban acting
They also try to ban exciting music
There will be music in the best city, but only marshal music
Poetry is only left with a dull journalistic account
Socrates extends his censorship to the total human environment
It becomes the ultimate planned community
Reasonableness must precede reason
We encounter the compensation for all the sacrifices that must be made to the erotic
The compensation is worthy object for Galucons Eros
Such a city would rear perfectly beautiful and harmonious soul
But only a purified Eros can love such purified souls
So it would be a look but dont touch kind of Eros
The medical authority turns out to be Homer
Socrates says that treatments must not incapacitate a warrior but must be a
political one
Such medicine is seen in the modern-day quality-of-life arguments
Socrates is concerned above all is civic life
He establishes a standard for euthanasia
If someones health is good enough that he can recover from mild treatment, its fine
If someones illness renders them useless to the city, they must die
Not even the rulers of a city could be trusted with sophisticated medicine
If people learn about the existence of such a medicine, they will insist on it
They will only be concerned of their lives, and not with the wellbeing of the city
The only human life worth living is one with complete indifference to death
But there is also the suggestion that such a life devoted to virtue, is only lived
trough ignorance
After the education is complete, rulers must be separated from the warrior
This is done through a series of stringent tests that will define ones loyalty to the
Why is it shameful to tell a lie?
The most shameful lie is a lie that you think no one believes
Glaucon suggests that no one would believe his lie
Why should the feasibility of the best city depend upon a lie?
The lie told is that the earth is literally the mother of all human kind, and they are
literally the children of the earth
Any recollection that they have of natural fathers and mothers and brothers and
sisters is to be explained away as a dream
They are citizens and nothing but citizens
This would preclude any appeal from society to nature
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