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29 Mar 2012

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Lecture 21 March 26th
The End of the Nation-State?
Beyond Nationalism: The Theory
- Nationalism is a product of industrial society recap
- It has only existed for the last 250 years previous to modernity that you would
have a state that through education you shared a common high culture you did not
need it before this the rules did not share a culture
- Language politics did not exist
- If nationalism is a product of industrial modernity, one the age of industry modernity
has passed - should nationalism pass?
- Does therefore the passing of industrial society into postindustrial society into an
information state mean that we are moving to a post national era?
- What would the passing of the national age mean? Primary allegiances shift from
nation-state to something above that
- Why does one identity pass from one to the other and on going?
- How would that transpire? What are the politics of this? How would we know if
fundamental identity change was happening? What are the indications? We do
Case Study: European Union
- Part of their allegiances to an entity that is above them?
- Historical circumstances: run up to war and World War II looking for global
domination even if there was a fight on the continent this had to be prevented
from ever happening again the best way is through a federation
- How to ensure that Germany and France never fight again?
- Notions of federalism
- European Coal and Steel Community they started small = 1951 France,
Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg signed all of this needed
for military industry taking the implements of war that nation states control
- State interests: German economic power and French political influence
- Idea: unite economies and then you unite state ideas if your economies link up
then their politics link up
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