4 Mar 2011
POL200 March 3
The benefits of the community of women and children
Everyone in the city is one large family
There is no one in the city who isnt part of your immediate family
There is no tension between public and private, there is no corruption and
This city is free of the problems that are present in other cities
Everyone will feel the joy or sorrow of the other
Socrates replaces the body with a conventional one
Perfect devotion requires the abolition of families and where the concept of family
There is also a problem of incest, because everyone is everyone elses sibling
All mating in the city will be within the immediate family
In this city, everyone is a family member, and a possible sexual member
This city requires that overcoming of the incest prohibition
This is one of many intractable contradictions that define this city
Socrates moves on to ask if this is possible
Do they discuss its possibility?
No, because Socrates changes the subject to the question of how to make war
The city would play the role of the policing of all of Greece, if not the whole world
If a government is manifestly failing to protect its own citizens, then its justified for
an international community to intervene
Socrates teaches a standard of this with a much higher standard
A war to compel other cities to be virtuous is the ultimate war of choice
Socrates evades the question of the possibility of a city of women and children
However, Socrates always addresses the first issue in the guise of the second
This suggests that the most victorious warrior may choose from a person of his
choice to indulge his erotic desires
It again falls to the rulers to live in constant self-oppression
This dialogue suggests that communism is unnatural and therefore impossible
This way, Socrates ultimately treats and rejects the possibility of such a city
What was intended to be a means to discover the characteristic of justice in the soul
becomes ultimately the goal
The noble lie will become institutionalized
If the city is impossible because it kills the choice of any man and woman, is it
Would it be worth the price that one would have to be? Ad if its not possible, doesnt
that confirm that its not worth the price one would have to pay?
The introduction of the next questions launches this issue to a whole new level
This may define justice in the city, but justice in the soul benefits itself alone
What is the way of life that is synonymous with justice? What does the just man live
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