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Political Theory 20 January
Platos Republic
Justice is not an art based on a body of knowledge but rather we understand it as a
Knowledge is distinct from art.
oGood will or righteous intention doesnt the just man know something that the
unjust man doesnt?
oDoes he know that it is better to be just than unjust?
Must have an understanding of who is your enemy and who is your friend?
ohis is important because one must know whether or not to treat them in the just
way (kind to friends; mean to enemies)
How could it be just if you treat a just man unjustly?
oThey conclude that a man who seems to be good and truly is good is a friend; and
a man who seems good but who is truly bad is an enemy.
Problems Emerge: (all of these points come from Blooms essay)
1.Athens and Sparta are at war; this means that each spring, Polemarchus goes to war
for Athens against the Spartans. So are the Spartans unjust?
a.War entails harming a just man from the just side
b.Polemarchus version of Justice radiates outward from him doing good to his
friends and doing harm to his enemies
c.But can we justly make ourselves the reference point to acting justly? But on
the other hand, is there any version of justice which is not centred on a single
d.Hemmingways novel depicting the Spanish Civil War focused on how people
on both sides were good, just people
e.Political justice is always self-centred because you base your policies
on whatever is good for your country or yourself
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