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Lecture 3

Week 3

Political Science
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Political Theory30 September
Machiavelli: The Prince Chapter 6
Discusses leaders who ruled over their groups did so because they were chosen to do
Moses was considered better than other rulers because he had authority directly
from God to guide his people out Egypt he was a prophet rather than a price
Moses doesnt belong in this chapter because he governs by divine grace
oMachiavelli says so himself that Moses doesnt even belong in this chapter
He addresses this issue by saying that each of those leaders had great teachers such
as Moses did
If any of the other three did it without instructions from God then Moses too was
able to do it without instructions from God
Romulus, Theseus, and Cyrus were all decedents from gods
True prophets are those which are armed prophets and False prophets are those
which are unarmed prophets
oThe prophets who not believe in God will succeed.
When one no longer believes, then one can make them believe (obey) by force
The people were scared of their god and Moses scared them out of believing in their
god and made them believe in his God
The only source of belief comes from fear (this arises from the utmost terror)
Jesus is the unarmed prophet par excellence was Christ a failure? (according to
Does Yero represent a non-prophet with arms? And Jesus as a prophet with arms
The authority of Christianity only came from the First Five Books of the Old
Machiavellian Vortex: everything transcends it and turns into air
oNot to be honoured as a political strength
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