31 Mar 2011
Lecture 4: Political Theory 7 October 2010
Machiavellis The Prince: Chapters 9 14
To have virtue is to try to attain the greatest qualities
Machiavelli included the prophets of Chapter 6 because they were able to instil fear
in their follows
Ch 9
osignificant because it is establishes itself as the forerunner of modern
political theory
oHe is considering the civil principality in Chapter 9
The people want less than the Great, because they only care about
things when their interest is affected
The people emerges as apolitical
oSocial Contract
They are agreements binding those who enter into them
Why do people enter into contracts in the first place?
Each enters the contract in their own interest and see it as
further serving their own interest the contract only works if
both people keep up with their end of the contract reduces
contract to self-interest (cf. Using friends as a means to an end
oDoes the prince need to make himself the champion of the people?
You should come to rule based on the power of the Great (the rich and
the men of the Senate) and then betray them (by killing or other
means) and then rule the citizens they will trust, and respect you
more if you come to power in this manner
You have the affection of the people but you dont have them in your
Chapter 10 and 11
oThese chapters looked transposed
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