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Lecture 5

Week 5

Political Science
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Janice Stein

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Political Theory 14 October
Machiavelli The Prince
Chapter 14
A Prince should never take his attention away from war
What was now a metaphor for politics is now a reference to war
Reference to Philip Heeman directs our attention back to the dedicatory letter
Who is Philip Heeman?
oSuggests an answer to the person on top of the hill
Who was on the top of the hill?
oLorenzo was on the top of the hill.
oMachiavellis knowledge which used to be theoretical is now practical in
practicing war
Is Cypriot a stand-in for Christ? Because Machiavelli refuses to make direct
reference to Christ himself
Chapter 15
What qualities are humans praised and reprimanded for?
oAnswer: Virtues and Vices
He stresses the newness of his argument that it is emphatically new relative to his
Machiavelli but since my intent is to write something useful to all who understand
Machiavelli concerns himself with the truth he is the first to be concerned with the
factual truth rather than imaginary truth
oFactual truth refers to how people do act where as the imaginary truth
implies how we should act
oEffectual something which has an effect on something else
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