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Hobbes, Chapters 16 17 18

Political Science
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Janice Stein

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Political theory 200
Equal dignity of every individual
Moral equality of men and women
Enlightenment; freeing us to make healthy choices and do what we want to do within our
According to Hobbes: The business of human life is to postpone death as long as possible for
the mutual fear of death
One should always focus of the inevitability of death, not to concentrate on how to postpone
Hobsian of old fashion meaningfulness of human life a way of life worth living for and
therefore worth dying is replaced with a modern structure of life which is described as
Machiavelli, moralized. We all have the impulse within us to control and laugh at others.
Chapter 16 Personations
Owning up not only to his responsibilities and what he owns.
Agree to accept the decisions of another because he is our agent, a servant by serves
us by being our master. Where? CANADA
Parliamentary sovereignty , we choose the parliament and therefore we abide by the
decisions of those who we elected
Parliament is not our ruler because it owes its sovereignty to us and therefore work
for us therefore we can say Canada is a democracy where the people rule.
This was very creative at the time
At the head of society is the servant and servants from all who derive their authority
from all and no one thing governs society instead people govern themselves. Self
government. As governors we govern through the median of the sovereign and we are
governed by the median of the sovereign
Despite this authoritarian form it takes one can see the principles of it all are those
of self government which is important to all of us.
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