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5 Dec 2010

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Sept 13
1st class notes
Politics of Development
- Development and democracy
- Development economically
o Process through production becomes more completed.
o Countries with higher GNP are more developed.
- 3 Critics of Development
o 3 main concerns about started development paradigm for anything
1) As society develops some cluster gets lost (tied to land/seasons) etc. Can be
lost as ppl move from less development to more developed places.
2) Development model: all countries follow western path Æ envisions only this
one road to development
- Successful
- vulZ}µv]Zv[Ào}o]l(]oµ
- t}v[µZuíst world, 2nd world, etc cuz it implies a race Æ
some countries are 1st and third etc.
3) Goal of development implies goal of wealth creation
- GNP countries with higher GNP better. For these critics they argue,
wealth should not be a good itself.
- WE should value if wealth if health then GNP + these benefits
are desirable otherwise no. Ppl have other values too nothing
with wealth like peace, happiness etc.
- distorts human moral structure cuz priotirsing wealth against
peace environ etc,
- These set of problems led to redefinition to
- ppl say redefine measure of development so now instead of GNP, it measures by infant
mortatility, literacy, etc + GNP
- package of goods that would affect
- This change who looks development and whose not
- ie US has high GNP but bad record of protecting ppl
- genie coefficient: measure of inequiditiy (very rich ppl and very poor ppl
- development so must include physical well being.
- same theories include freedom in society of expression, religion etc
- in this course= explore process of development in many countries.
- development process is based on exploitation t developed and under developed maybe mutually
DEMOCRACY- good thing.
- Like development, there are thick and thin definition
- Defiv]]}vW^(v(]o]}vW
o Most people can vote for whoever they want to and most votes win
o Ppl choose the office
- Civil and politic freedoms
o Freedom to organize, differences.
Behave autonomously with interference of gov or ppl
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