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POL201Y Jan 10th Notes

Political Science
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Melissa Levin

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State Society Relations in 3rd World
-idea of state society relations
-relation of state and society often determine what kind of regime or system
gathers or operates in particlar country
-determines to which democracy exists and degree of developments
What is a State
-sets of institutions
-rule making
-holds ultimate power of coercion (force)
-what do they do?
-first thing: need of survival
-to concern with own protection and survival, thus provide defense and maintain
control over territories through various mechanisms
-central feature of state: the idea of development, so when they making rules and
policies, they are all functions of state's objectives to promote development. In
third world term, they want to become developmental states.
-development obviously involves series of objectives such as economic growth,
promotion of agricultural production, etc.
-provide education, social services, all things that state oversees
-to be able to extract resource from society, which is through taxations
State, Government, Regime
Regime: refers to how power is distributed in political system. It is the distribution
of power. In a sense, it is the rules of the game, the way power is diffused.
-i.e. think like "democratic regime, theocratic regimes, authoritarian regime....etc".
i.e. Canada is democratic regime, meaning theorectically power is diffused through
all citizens, while in Cuba as authoritarian regime, could be military, charismatic
figure, populist leaders, etc.
-particular for us this year, we will be dealing with authoritarianis and democratic
regimes generally, and transition of auth to dem in past few decades.
Government: use of government and state interchangebaly is wrong, they are
different things. Government refers to those in power and controls the machine. In
essence, the government comes and go. i.e. Cons are more in government.
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