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01-24-11 Democratic Transitions

Political Science
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Sophia Moreau

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P&D: Democratic Transitions
Jan 24th 2011
Cause of the first wave was modernization.
x Literacy, factory work, rise of middle class
o Brought on by revolution
1924-1942 t 22 democracies became undemocratic, first wave over
15 yrs after wave
1. Imposition
o Germany, Italy, Japan
Democracy imposed on them
2. Decolonization
x India, Ghana, Malaysia, Nigeria etc
Third Wave
x April 1974
o W}µ]}Z]}ÀZ}ÁvÀ]}µ^v]}vZÀ}oµ]}v_
When this began only 40 democracies in world
x mostly advanced industrial nations.
x Military and 1 party dictatorships were the norm in Latin America, Asia, East Europe,
Middle East.
Since 1974, democracies are on the rise. Spain, Greece, Portugal
x >íõóì[t oÇôì[
o Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil
x D]}oõì[
o Philippines, S. Korea (87) Taiwan (87) Bengladesh (91) Eastern Europe.
By 1987 2 of every 5 countries were democracies.
Still the regional phenomenon was not global.
o This changes in 1989 (Berlin Wall)
o Fall of Soviets 1999
These also had an effect on Africa. Many proxy wars were fought in Africa.
o War in Angola, started in 1974
o Gained independence , result of Portuguese coup
x Gave up colonies
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