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Lecture 11

POL203Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Ben Carson

Political Science
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Ryan Hurl

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Lecture 11 A Game of Trumps
Political Question;
o Military
o Whose in power, why
o Decline of the democratic thought
o Alternative right wing politics
o Potential for serious conflicts
o 30 electorates
Trump Administration
o Kings council
Mike Pence
Steve Bannon-alt-right
o The small council
Jeff Sessions-1940s allegations of racism
Mitt Romney
Nikki Haley
Betsy DeVos-secretary of education
Dr Ben Carson for secretary of housing and development
Mike Flynn-Executive officer, adviser on national security, extremely
controversial, extreme case of racism
o Chance to restore constitutional balance, "American Caesar"
American President ii: The Trumpening
o Parties and Elections Review
o Electoral alignments: the demography vs destiny argument
o Polarized elites, ideologically sorted public, retrospective voting
o Institutional advantage, issues, geography, and gerrymandering (state to state)
incumbency, mid-terms
Long-term demographic advantage is not true due to geographical dispersals,
republican parties have an advantage at congressional level
o Short term, events, campaign strategy and the state of the economy
o The trouble with triangulation, third parties and policy failure
THE American Congress : The Only legislature in the world
o Independent individuals have a huge influence on legislative process
o Inefficient by design: Centrifugal (away from the center) and centripetal forces(towards
the center), center is the political leader
o Change from the textbook (form of congressional organization when political textbooks
were being written, centrifugal) to hyper-partisan congress(congress has become much
more parliamentary, centripetal)
Moving from towards a more decentralized congress, less parliamentary fashion
o Congress and committees: or
deliberation :Informational theory of congress
Workshops of congress
Specialization of congress, most effective and results are benign and
Preferential outlier theory
interest groups feeding frenzy, not really representative
o Centrifugal
Ideological diversity
Size and scope of nation
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