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Lecture 2

POL203Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Supremacy Clause, Advocacy Group, Egalitarianism

Political Science
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Ryan Hurl

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- Trump favouring security, etc
o Some people are going to be terrorists
o Do ou teat the etie goup as though thee guilt of teoists?
o Depends on how many people are being killed
o Wee illig to saifie a etai aout of seuit fo othe alues
Values that dot ategoize a etie goup as iial
o Wee illig to uphold that piiple to a etai poit
o As soon as a major event happens, the security desire will rise
o We haet ee eahed that poit, hih is h the issue of teois ist as
major as we thought
o Majority of Trump supporters understand terrorists as knuckleheads, and also,
this is a rare occurrence
o Not something to panic over or throw over fundamental principles for
o Most political scientists who study the presidential elections based on state of
economy suggest that republicans would win this election
o Idepedet otes, people ho aet as suh faouig oe pat o aothe,
aet the oes ho ae rationally determined for their vote
They will turn to
Broader problem points to outcome of irrationality
Donald Trump political science 80-90% already decided
Doest atte ho adidate looks, if oue patisa, oue
already decided
For those who are non-partisan though, their vote can be shaped
not by the general economic performance, for example, but in the
state of economy 2 months before the election very short term
o Basic idea of electoral college
Every state is voting for president in a winner take all contest
What theyre trying to get is votes of electors in the electoral college
Every state has equal number of electors house of representatives + 2
In general it is an election that is weighted in favour of population
Sort of represented by population
Battleground states
o Demographically not expanding as fast
Battlegoud states ae hee the atios at
Not only the popular vote, but winner-takes-it-all
A president could win without the popular vote
I this, the gai ist iig the ost otes
o No moral significance, some political significance
o Its aout iig the eletoal ollege, ot the ost otes
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- Polling
o Several potential problems with polling
Most of which are solved
o Major problem: Coming up with a prediction on voter turnout
Whether the prediction reflects the actual demographics
Presidential polls may not reflect population as a whole
1993 telephone poll predicted that Republicans will win
Wealthier people (mostly Republicans) were the ones who mainly
owned phones
Easie to get a poll thats efletie of deogaphi of soiet
Whats hade is gettig the out to ote, ad giig it a eletoal
- Question of American Exceptionalism
o The components of American exceptionalism are religion, health, welfare, crime,
incarceration, race, ethnicity, social mobility
o In terms of the basic sturciture of govenremt the lessons remain the same
o Continuing the question why the US is distinct from other societies
o Problems would be the same but responses differnet
To understand American politics, you have to understand how conflicting
ideas and interests are distinc from other societies
Ideas are difficult to study
Rel problem is understanding relationship between hierarchy and
order, egalitarians and equality, and individualists and liberty
o Consistency between values of liberty and egalitarianism
o Nature of hierarchy however, can change
o Becomes a source of conflict
o Almost any political issue, behind the base of what people
engage in, can be said to be against these values
You ould sa that its ok if people oe ito the out as log as the
do not conflict with your individualism and liberty
Easy to accept if already predisposed to such values
o Explains why some people will resist some scientific authority
Main picture is that you cant understand any political culture as simply
one thing
Every society is defined by its own values
Not eause of the elieig i a Aeia alue of life ut the
balance between the three aforementioned values
Gettig to Deak
A good govermment embodies the state, hierarchy, democracy-
egalitarianism, and rule of law/individualism
Factors that influenced the States
Geographic isolation
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