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Published on 29 Nov 2012
November 26, 2012
Using Secondary Sources and Essays: Issues to consider
Why use the MLA?
A correctly documented paper identifies and acknowledges the ideas and
information in your paper that have come from primary and secondary sources
Our focus will be on evaluating sources, in particular online sources such as
A free copy of the MLA is available to you via OWL Purdue university’s web page.
This is an excellent resource for writers
please adhere to the following format
use standard size paper (8 ½ X 11 inches)
word-process or type the essay using a standard 12 point font
double space every line of the essay, including all quotations and the work
cited page
indent each paragraph; do not leave an extra space between paragraphs
leave adequate margins for comment ( at least one inch)
Title pages
all of your essays must have a title that reflects the content and main idea of
the essay. The essay topic is not the title the title of the poem, novel, play or
other piece of literature you are writing about is also not the title of your
Your name, the tutor’s or professor’s name , the course name and number,
date you submit the essay, and student number
short quotations ( 4 lines or less) is incorporated into your own parapgraphs
long quotes ( more than 4 lines) are indented 10 spaces and do not require
quotation marks. The final punctuation comes before the citation
…. Including race prejudice. (97-98)
Work Cited
* italics for titles, no more underlining
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