lecture 2

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5 Dec 2010
Lecture 2
21 September 2010
-contested concept of globalization
-different levels of finalism
1. Individual leaders-focus on beliefs of specific leader. Ex Nazi Germany
2. Decision makers: represent specific organizations. Ex Soviet Union sent troops in 1962 to
3. Structure of govt: the freedom of choice is not the same ????
4. International relations: the relationship between states
5. World system: defined as the process of globalization.
-many definitions of globalization
-Globalization: the spread of technology, revolutionization of communication, economic
-online its easy to book a ticket to travel internationally. Everyday 75 000 people cross the
Atlantic. Before is use to take a week to travel, now it takes 6 hours. This has caused an opening
of cultures and language. There is a dark side, such as the spread of diseases. Ex SARS out break
had a major impact on all airports in the world. 9/11 attack has increased security. The
phenomenon of easy travel has created immigration throughout the world. Europe doesnt live
immigration, the US loves it.
-15 years ago there was no information available 24 hours tv & internet. Now there is immediate
coverage of events and news.
-There was flooding in Nederlands in 1956 and they received help from the East coast US but
the West coast US received the news a week later and provided aid, which was unnecessary.
Communications is faster now, almost instant.
-Ex: you are a farmer in Africa and you rely on a intermediary to transport your crops/goods to
the major city, but you are not aware of the prices on the market in the major city. The
intermediary made huge profits because they would lie about the prices. The cell phone has
allowed farmers to have instant communication, the intermediary is not as important.
-Internet cause instant propaganda.
-The daily cartoons in the newspapers, the comic that made a picture of Prophet Mohammed.
People were furious with these cartoons and blamed the internet for allowing this cartoon to
spread so quickly. Top down process, a leader processed this information. Internet changed the
way the world in organized and how the world does business.
-Some countries/people want to control the internet, in the short term they are successful but in
the long term they are not. Ex. Saudi Arabia and India want to ban Blackberry. China and
Google conflict.
-Massive amount of money is able to travel through the internet. 2 trillion dollars are traded 24/7
through the internet. The financial world is so intertwined that the collapse of one bank can cause
the collapse of another bank. Banking systems are so intertwined.
-The IMF had to save Iceland, not the states banks. Finance is a truly global system.
-Global brands like McDonalds, it has the same tasting burger all over the world. The McDonald
index is used to price products around the world. This is also true for the car industry. 20 years
ago the car industry was very local. Car industries are producing one car for the global market.
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