Tutorial Notes - Dec 2

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6 Dec 2010
POL208 Tutorial: December 2nd, 2010 Nuclear War
Mid-Term Questions:
Are there specific readings that we should pay attention to?
Pay attention more to the articles (especially those with analytical framework).
Explain events with theories that we learned in class.
Not paradigm. This talks about framework to explain something.
Sagan Nuclear Relations
Allison Contemporary take on International Relations
Gaddis Bipolarity
Draw connections between things. Supposed to try to connect to different
paradigms in your analysis.
Focus on important terms.
How long should your answer be for the essay questions?
It should be around one page.
How do you get the material online?
Group > Select Group > Discussion Board > Add a thread
- We will get marks for tutorial by at least the second week of December
Summary of Readings:
Textbook - Nuclear Proliferation:
- proliferation
- change of way of delivery
- ï
o Done the test 2005, 2006
- Nuclear weapons:
o Fission
o Fusion
Japan was the only country that had the bombed dropped on it. What should it do?
Scott Sagan:
States will build bombs when think of significant gain in national security.
Nuclear Proliferation:
Domestic Politics Model:
- encourage/ discourage benefits actors within the state (politicians, military,
energy producers)
- bottom up process
- state security does exist, but open to interpretation
Norms Model:
- nuclear weapons are liken to airplanes, something that the state needs to be
a modern state
- allows access to prestigious club
- what is legitimate is important
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