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Lecture 7

POL208Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Economic Sanctions

Political Science
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Arnd Jurgensen

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Economic sanctions:
To manage international conflicts
Effort to cause a target state to change its policies by hammering it’d economy.
(delay or suspend foreign aid to a country, area of trade by stopping buying or selling
the good to the target state)
Asset freezes or seizures (bank accounts or their assets of individuals or targeted
countries) / cut off commercial flights between the two countries.
Travel ban
Recalling the ambassador / ending cultural and sporting activities
Less deadly or destructive than military options/ doesn’t rise to the result of
economic sanctions / or it doesn’t work compared to the economic sanction
Part of the process of the war effort process
Presasivness of economic sanctions UN sanctions (Cold war: Rhodesia and south
UN sanctions ( 90’s sanctions decade)/ a dozen sanctions now ( Americans the
country most likely to impose sanctions) (1998-more than half of the population on
earth was subject of American sanctions) (secondary sanctions/ those during
business with the sanctioned)
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