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Lecture 11

POL208Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Cuban Missile Crisis, Graham T. Allison, Rudolph Martin Anderson

Political Science
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Arnd Jurgensen

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The Cuban Missile crisis
Bureaucratic politics model:
Only the output is important
President JKF avoided the War with the soviets (intercontinental ballistic)/ He
thought they were header to war.
Graham Allison (context of the cold war / struggle east vs west)
Cuba being part of two IR events
Fall 1962: Nikita Khrushchev (strategic nuclear weapons to Cuba)
Cuba: 90 Miles from Florida
However, Soviets promised the US they would not insert weapons in Cuba.
SAM, batteries etc. used
U-2 spy plane flies over Cuba (take photographs: data analyzes (October 16th = JKF is
informed that the Soviets have put strategic weapons)
‘’13 days of October’’ (16-29th)
Do nothing (more weapons than the Soviet, and therefore doesn’t change the
balance of power)
Diplomatic steps (sanctions, etc.…) EXCOM
Cut a deal (rewarding bad behavior from the Soviets)
Convince Castro to break with Khrushchev
Launch Air Strikes (reverse Pearl Harbor) (however wouldnt have worked as not all
the weapons were identified)
Invade Cuba (finding the soviet weapons / takes time etc.)
Blockade of the Island of Cuba (imposing a blockade is an act of war)
22nd of October: Decide to impose a ‘’Quanrantine’’ which is a blockade
Possible confrontation
October 27th 1962: Submarines (American detected soviet submarines) Practices
depth chargers
Some Soviet commanders thought they were in actual attack (special torpedo)
American U-2 taking pics and is shut down in Cuba (killed) (Rudolph Anderson)
(missiles not authorized about Kremlin) (retaliation thought about but JKF is worried
about the first steps of escalation)
(Barbara Tuchmann ‘’Guns&August’’)
Khrushchev enable to convince Castro to take out the weapons
Events of 26: Other U-2 flying around the eastern end of Siberia (Kamchatka)
checking for nuclear weapons dust samples/ had navigational and radio. Malfunction
in Soviet airspace) Soviet planes intercepting the U-2/ American also send their
airplanes to intercept that U-2.
Fortunately, he was able to leave the Soviet airspace in time.
27th: Americans launch a ballistic missile (long range) (seen as provocative)
Diplomatic message through ‘’ back door’’ , John Scali (ABC reporter) Alexander
Fomin(Aleksander Feklisov)
Suggestion to end the crisis to cut a deal, remove missiles turkey, remove missiles
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