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2 Jan 2011
Amna Husain
September 13, 2010
1st class
Pol208Y1Y t Introduction to International Relations
- Globalization is changing world politics t can fly to countries , info send online across the glibe in
- 3 Curcial Events:
1) Drop bomb hirusima, Aug 6 1945
2) Fall of Berth wall in 1986
3) 911 Twin towers & Pentagon
1) Hirushima
- Aug 6 , 3 nuclear bombs dropped on civilians killing 200,000 civilians
- First and last use of nuvlease weapon
- ?! Democratic govenermt all about human decision had a unanimous descision to commit mass
- Main reason unanimous was US at war with Japan
- every battle with Japan let to big US casualties
- nearly ¼ million army killed
- Alternative to bombin was more daunting to the Americans lives. Bombing was part of a
campiaign of mass bombardment
- t}oÁ]v^Z}lvÁ_
- President at the time was TRueman. He was inexperiences in foreign affairs, unaware of
program of nuclear
- ^u]vW}i_Áµ]((]vd even the VP was unaware of it.
- President felt pressure from millityar because he had just gotten office.
- JF Rossevelt not killed & still president the decicion would have stil been the same, but if he
had something else in mind, he chould coose tZUµdµuv]v[X
- Russia at that time is all with US (with tention0
- Use of nucs good way to tell Russia we are above you.
- t]v[h^oo:vP}À}v]ovvZ]}uZM
Æ 1) Beautctratic reason: we are not sure if the bomb actually functions- sceinttis. So no one wants
to show failure.
Æ 2) Strategic Reason: Adamant .
US only has verly little bombs. 3 operamtional and 6 planned?
- ]v[Áv}Á}uu}vtive event
- Not sure that these bombs would end war
- Nucs= 12,000 TNT ( 12 kiloton)
- 4000 times more poerwedul than most powerful bomb used in ww2?
- then megabomb was created
- The capactiry of punishment Æ no shoeidl to defend yourseld form an atomic bomb.
Æ 3) Relationship with Japan
Æ 4) Weak President
*All these reasons tell us why the decision was unianoius about dropping bomb.
2) Fall B. Wall
- Nov. 1989 t President Bush (father)
- Not a single person would have predicted and of cold war
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