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lecture sept 14, 21, 28

Political Science
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Introduction to International Relation
Lecture one:
Three important historic events:
1.Drop the Bomb ( Aug 6th,19450
2.Fall of the Berlin Wall (
3.September 11,2001
A: Drop the Bomb
200 hundred thousand civilians killed. Two cities were bombed.
The question is how come a country with dignity committed mass murder?
How come the decision remained anonymous?
The decision was to invade and save American lives and Japanese lives:
Nuclear bombing was part of the bombing complain.
President ( )was very inexperienced and wasnt aware of the nuclear
Diplomats: a very good way to show Russia that US is the most powerful
Why USA dropped the Bomb in a deserted Island.
The bomb equal 12 thousands TNT.
November 1989. Berline Wall
No one ever predicted the fall of the wall. Left everyone surprised even Germans.
To negotiate arms control.
Decrease the pressure of Soviet Union.
To save Russian Economy. It included less control on Easter Europe. Gorbachev
wanted to focus on domestic Economy.

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Hungarian abandoned control on border on Austria. It brought massive immigration
to Easter Europe as it was a ticket to free world. 100 thousands of people went to
Germany west. It allowed unification of Eu.
Non Tangible elements, flow of information existed between East and West Germany
like Tv station streamed in East Germany and west Germany. West Germany
supplied first aids to East Germany.
September 11, 2002
Fail of Intelligence in US
There was plenty of information.
Have seen movement but not operational.
The way Al Qaida did it was out of blue. Commercial airlines was used as Missile.
Why Al-Qaida decided to do this act?
Presence of American troops in Saudi Arabia…4 planes were hijacked and all of
the pilots were trained in Hamburg Germany…before 9/11 American force was to
Zero Casualty. After 9/11 this framework was dismissed immediately.
Level of individual leader Gorbachev.
The role of decision maker, the position of Advisor, the institution they represent, it may be
important to assess the importance of advisor.
Government structure, in which decision maker occurred. What kind of system Gov has.
Characteristics of Society itself. Attributes of society, economics condition, or influenced
decision, culture.
Level of classic interrelation. Relation among states. Like Pakistan and India . Balance of
power between countries. Emerging Interdependence between china and US.

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Lecture 2.
Global branch: McDonald.selling the product in the same way all over the
world.McDonald index is a way to assess the Mc financialthere is no local market
anymore and it all only one global market.and the same is true with car industry.25
years ago the cars were related only in local big branch of cars are
producing one type of car for one global marketthe question is ( is the car from General
motor is an American car, or the component is made by other cooperation.), so the
nationality of the brand is highly questionable….the new green model of the cars requires
battery battery system is everything but ecological, the battery travelling all around the
world.the whole aspect of globalization is the world doing business, the world is changing
and so and so:
There are many reasons behind most crucial aspect of globalization:
For the last twenty years we have seen the globalization of the market, the rise of
free markets that produce exchanges, which is an economic policy shock, it is the
willingness of the nations to be open and to benefit from trade, the most difficult
cases of one country is that specialize in one resource
We are living in a war world ( globalization is possible ), the capital is west and the
communist is east, once the divide is over that is end of the history.countries like
Poland transformed itself very rapidly in market democracy…..the end of soviet
Union , the competition for global ID was over for countries……
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