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cold war

Political Science
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Cold War
Assess the world
Complex process of the rise of the cold war (947-1950)
The turning point of Cuba, and the Lesson of Cuba
The Rise of between Washington and Russia
The new cold war in 1980
Characterize the specification of Cold War itself,
Demise of the Soviet Union and aftermath of that
1.1954- basically is characterize by the US as the most powerful nation on the planet,
the Atomic Bomb, was the number one super power, the first priority of president
that group should go home, to shift the war economy to peace, and the Soviet Union
suffers mass losses, and the number of causalities was very high. Huge losses and
huge gain for Moscow, and in 1945 Moscow had power over Eastern Europe, and
Moscow saw Nagasaki and Hiroshima as new form of insecurity, the situation of
United Kingdom was summed up as one war, Bankrupt, John was sent to
Washington to negotiate a new lease, to ask for US money with no interest,
The influence of UK in Middle East, and its empire started to disappear, and all Colonial
Empire started to Disappear, Dutch left Indonesia, French saw their Colonial in China. And
on May of 1945, Nigeria, there were huge protest again French rules. By 1945, we got two
major players on two ends, US and Russia. The four years of confrontation of the cold war,
some analyst calls it the long peace. It was peace. It was a direct confrontation between
Moscow and Washington. For politician and decision maker that stability was really felt. In
many instance the cold war was indeed hot. Gorilla, Vietnam, stability a minimal
characteristic, two direct nuclear confrontations between two. And it was a military contest.

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But of course it was a contest about ideology. And over all the peace between Russia and US
was impossible. But war was extremely unlikely, cause nuclear power.
2.The rise of Cold war, and emerge of confrontation, in 1944- when the defeat
Germany became near certainty, president …….agreed on a share control of divided
Germany, and Berlin was in Eastern part of Germany controlled by Red army. So
there was a soviet zone on Berlin and there was west zone of Berlin. And it was
divided between US ….. And it was something like fear of agreement to form. Or
Soviet Domination agreed by wozer …..The basic scheme of president was
giving special responsibility to four major powers in the world that would be entitled
to peace. Or it must be special powers to negotiate among themselves to keep the
world. And that idea the UN council ……the problem of course in efficient system,
you must have a minimal agreement between them. With the cold war the scheme
was impossible. So the scheme of five powers to keep the peace was rather obsolete.
The years between 1945-1949 a period of uncertainty and tension between and
Moscow and Eastern Europe on the other hand started to Rise. The control of
Moscow over E Europe was acknowledged. And the deal was a piece of paper, was
studying was Bulgaria was 60% for Soviet Union. And Greece for UK ….but
there were some countries was unmentioned and one of them was Poland and was
understood that Poland will be a preferred zone and it had the choice to choose its
side. The control of Soviet Union, the countries that Red Army occupied, they started
to impose a specific political system to answer every wishes of Moscow, and the idea
of political power started to appear rapidly. And it became increasing complete, so
the first tension started to appear over control of Poland. And Moscow started to
push its interest to south France. So London was basically wasnt able to contain
soviet influence over turkey and Greek. And London decided to call on US and asked
for help for American power to move the Soviet Union over those countries. So turkey
and Greece was first instances and the responsibility of Washington to Moscow.
After Greece and Turkey, Soviet Union started to take control of Iran, but that time
the answer of Washington and president or the hope of agreement with Moscow
started to disappear. And the perception of Moscow to be at least if not ally. So
Soviet Union position changed to rival from Ally and eventually to enemy.
Moscow was never happy the way Berlin was managed by the west, and in an attempt to
kick out the west from Berlin, the US council was organized the biggest air left in beryline.
And all these tension started between Washington and Moscow started to increase
significantly, and it wasnt so much the power of the red army .Western Eu, after world war
two, it was basically destroyed. A communist regime in countries meant the control of
Moscow over those countries. To address that problem. Several steps was

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Over all policy of containment. The father of it was an American Diplomat, in American
Embassy in Moscow. He wrote the long telegram. It was an analysis of soviet insecurity, it
was an important document. What is the nature of soviet insecurity and regime and what
we should do about it? And it says that Soviet Union Is because of nuclear power of US.
Moscow will never trust Washington. By policy of containment we can response to that
…..It means for every subject we are pushing its interest. To contain its influence and
achieve it. The US must become a mother for a free world. And slowly Moscow will realize
that confrontation with Washington will be useless….it will be unsuccessful. Slowly Soviet
Union will mellow into an acceptable power. In 1947, they realize to trust Moscow was
impossible. So this policy of containment was first move of Washington toward Russian.
One of them a journalist, containment a strategy a ……………. It is a policy that left
the initiative to Russia. It was reaction to Moscow attempt. It doesnt give a room of
maneuver for Washington before Moscow move itself. The true indictment of 1947, endorse
the containment policy. Containment is very scenically and realist policy. The Truman was
about freedom of west versus Soviet and communism policy. And in fact it is about ideas.
The adaption of containment by US
The best way to stabilize Western Europe not by sending US force, the best way was to give
them money.
Martial Plan
And the martial plan was a crucial state.
It was the most generous act of US diplomacy. So the objective of helping Western EU
economy was achievement through martial plan..among condition, EU was considered as
single Unit not specific country….the economy need of western Europe was important..
The NATO Treaty of April 1949: Washington wasnt increasing well to take over;
Washington realized a treaty was necessary, that Europe was able to recover. Or the failing
of addressing Western Europe Economy. The negotiation process. Where indeed very
difficult, it was a demand by UK; London was the most active player that makes sure NATO
troop came to be. London was to face the Nazi force alone. So they wanted to avoid the
repetition, so they didnt want to face Russia alone. Because there was no treaty between
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