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15 Feb 2011
Lecture 3 1/25/11
Some argue that other factors should be added into the calculation of GDP
Sweden or Denmark always wins happiest country its because the gap between the
rich and the poor is minimal middle class is 99.9% of the population
Anarchy, the lack of world government, is the key feature of international life
Treaties are temporary agreements a matter of time
Treaties are like young girls, their beauty tends to fade away
International law is to create some order among states
Cold War avoid, as much as possible, nuclear war
Tame, as much as possible, the propensity of a country going to war
International institutions can exist without structure; norms, principles, rules help
it function
Practice of exchanging ambassadors Italian states tried it, seemed really bizarre at
the time
Exchange of hostages to make sure agreement is respected
Ambassadors were a practical exchange of information
Treaty of Westphalia sovereignty change from Im the ruler because Im the son
of the king to Im the ruler because I have the most territory and population
Secular sovereignty that exists today
Reciprocity and compromise leads to treaty with obligations
Positive lows among states
Entering binding agreements treaties must be respected
Once sovereignty became based on territory, states started to emerge as something
more than just a territory embodied a nation and culture
Problems started to arise when national beliefs were ejected
Slow progress of law between states
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