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15 Feb 2011
Lecture 5 2/8/11
Is the UN in crisis? Division over Iraq War; Copenhagen Summit failed
What the threat of terrorism is all about
Writing better mandates for peace keeping operations
Responsibility to protect became universal concept
Process in which institutions are created
oA crisis of legitimacy old system crumbles
oInter-regulam phase new implements are tried, may last several years
oConstituted phase try to come up with a global rather than national plan
US and UK played the biggest role in developing post-depression institution in the 30s
Takes time for new ideas to get implemented
08 economic crisis triggered a legitimacy crisis in the international system
Crisis underlies shifting power crisis of leadership leading to key initiative G20
UN crisis has still not led to the phase of a new institution still in old institution,
proves it takes time to create a new institution
Transnational Actors in World Politics
Easy Jet is low cost airfare countries have to negotiate to let the company fly over
their territory
Many European countries are heavily dependent on gas from Russia uses it as a
political tool, e.g. Russia vs. Ukraine
States are different in their regimes, histories, governmental capacities project a
specific identity into the world
State centric view of realism is missing a part what constitutes the international system
Security and violence
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