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Feb 9 2011
Why Weak Institutions
Colonial Legacy
No institutional infrastructure;
No modern self rule tradition
A nation state
Competing traditional
authority; culture, geography
Instability weak institution
More instability
The curse of natural resources (Dutch
Seems more countries that enjoy lots of
natural resources usually less
democratical worse off
Wars & Atrocities shifted since 1900s 
2000 move to African regions
Geography & The Proverty Trap
War proverty; proverty 
Tropical regions; poor, soil
Remote location/ large
transportation cost; land locked
Is Africa doomed to be poor
Fundamental geographic
inequality Jeffrey
Sachs ; 3 basic things can
change this fate
ISI development need direct
intervention in the market
North need to give South
access to its markets; need
to maintain stable high
price for some raw
materials; case of
New International
Economic Order
The Debt Crisis; Prebisch
admitted that ISI was a
Dependency Theory
World economy is one system
and must uncover power
relation within it; core/
periphery/ Wallerstein
System built in a way that
prevents South develops; the
north wishes to keep its power;
rules of game actively
perpetuated state of
S N raw material, N sells to
S manufactured
Attempt to break lead to
sanction, military
N collides with elites in S
thus dependency stops
playing the game
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