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POL 208 Feb 2 2011
Lake Victoria on TanzaniaDarwins
Egypt…. Structure of Egyptian economy
Inequality- poor live under 2 dollars per day…
40 % of the entire population… High level of
Analysts say national economy as a whole has
been improving in Egypt
Political Regime  Economic condition
Trusteconomic globalization – labour
movementstill high restrictions
Impact of political border
Liberalization of capital float
Why does it matter? Allows capital to
exit If capital doesnt like the local
environment; like the local labor laws,
etc, It now has a viable exit option”
Substantial impact on politics and
A Race to the Bottom?
-Taxation, labor laws, environmental
regulations, health regulations can
induce capital to move elsewhere 
-Canadian workers compete with child
labor in LDCs (Least Developed
Ultimate result. Eroding, degrading
restrictionsA Race to the Bottom
Ex) reducing taxation… social legislation..
minimum environmental condition;
-The government has less autonomy to
set a policy according to local values,
needs and tastes
Will there be a convergence on the
lowest form of regulation?
One of anti-globalizationalists
Not only cheap, but healthier, educated laborers
more divergence is possible..?
*** Capital has a great impact on politics?
Ex) WalMart has larger economic entity
than many other nations
The State and the MNC; Multi National
Is the state becoming powerless?
What are the ethical implications?
Does it force us to reevaluate the
winners and losers & with it the theory
of free trade?
Anti-globalization! Collection of
different interest groups with a variety
of concerns and agendas; focus on
redistribution, externalities (unwanted
side effects of international economic
interactions), democracy
Regulation from below??? Fair Trade
Is there an alternative?
Rodriks Trilemma
Economic Integration
Race to the Bottom Global
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