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Lilach Gilady

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Predicting politics
In many ways there is a need for an enemywho is the barbarian to be
fearful of? The uncivilized, the fear of the other…
3 ways of thinking of the future…
o I.e. during the cold war the barbarians were the Soviets… after the
cold war, who are they? WHO and what relations will these
barbarians be
1. THE WEST has wonthe end of History
3. Globalization and fragmentation
We need to differentiate b.t. Changes of the system and changes within a
CHANGES of the systemdifferent type of change that completely new tools
and theories must be implemented in order to deal with the new system
CHANGES within the SYSTEMreform of the system internally
Democracy & market capitalism on the other is the bet way to
org. society. Capitalism and the democratic = prosperity and
the END of HISTORY. ‘Triumphalism’
HEGEL: history is in essence a competition of ideas. Dialectics.
Once progress reaches maximum optimization, one idea wins
history ends.
New idea succeeds, it adds, new challengerUNTIL an idea is
not defeated. The end of history, the GRAND competition of life
and society is STOPPED because there is no new challenger of
societal values.
Napoleon: Liberte, egalite, fraternite
Challenges fascism, communism the competition of how to
org. society. Fascism challenges democracy and fails, so too does
communism. Competitors are now adopting the democratic values
of capitalism. Hence this is the end of democracy.
1990’s the 3rd waveHuntington. the collapse of history- they
will follow suit
Doesn’t mean the cessation of events
Liberalism- Kant’s perpetual peace
The risk of new ideologies? Alt. org. of society? Contradictions
within western capitalism
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