Evolution of Canadian Government

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Published on 24 Nov 2010
Political Science
Canadian Politics - Week 2: September 21st, 2010
Course ID: 2502532
Password: Canada
Items of Interest in Canadian Politics
- Parliament resumed
- Vote on long gun registry tomorrow
o If tie in vote, Speaker can vote to keep bill alive
- Arrival of immigrants in the country
o Boats carrying Sri Lankan refugees
- Redistribution of the House of Commons
o Adding seats to Ontario, Alberta, BC, not Quebec
Good Test Questions
- What is a constitution?
- What are the three pillars of the constitution?
o Responsible Government 1848
o Federalism 1867
o Charter of Rights 1982
- tZ]Z]((vÁv/'^_vuooZ[}v]µ]}vM
1. Parliamentary Supremacy
2. Bifurcated Parliamentary Supremacy
o Canada no longer united kingdom but divided kingdom, one level of government could
sue the other level of government, lieutenant governors and governor general
3. Constitutional Supremacy
o Post-Charter of Rights, 1982
o Charter limits parliamentary supremacy but does not eclipse it
E.g. If Parliament wanted to remove cameras in House of Commons, could do
so, media could not go to courts to argue against it
x Parliament can do anything they want in parliament
o Does not mean federal principle is gone, but qualifies it
Property and civil rights are provincial, but Charter can trump that
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