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Political Parties and Voting Behaviour point form

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Political Science
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Victoria Wohl

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Good essay question from last week:
Talk about the first part the post electoral system
How do the electoral system distort the support for the political parties and how the regions appear.
What are the alternatives of the first past the post system?
Parties and voting behaviour:
Potential effects of Polls
Functions of Parties
Parties in Historical Perspective
The courts said that the law was OK and was within reasonable limits
They said it was overboard because it limits freedom of the press and
publication, and why should the public be denied this information
Does the public really know how to decipher or understand the
The margin of error is big. Because people will answer what
they think other people will want to hear. If a black person
comes to your door and asks you if you dicriminate against
visible minorities, even if they do, they will most likely say
that they do not.
The prof does not think that even the supreme court isn't
sophisticated enough to understand the polls methodology.
They also said that it was underboard because the poll does not disclose
its methodology. Not restrictive enough because the press would not
show the methods of polling. Inaccurate polls could still appear in the
papers but the methodology would have to be provided as well.
Then the case went to the supreme court.
The presses went to the courts to say that this new law infringed on their rights of
the press and freedom of expression.
A bill passed that said that no media is allowed to publish a poll within 3 days of an
Politicians thinks that polls make a difference
Diffenbaker swept the country in 98.
They are going to win anyways so ill vote for them
Bandwaggon effect
A poll came out that said that john turner was going to loose his seat, even
being the PM of canada but he came out on top by a narrow margin
They are going to loose and i feel bad for them and dont want them to look so bad
The underdog effect
It didnt change that much and the results are about what they predicted
You publish a poll and it doesnt seem to influence anyone.
No effect
This effect has a lower voter turnout
Im not interested in politics, and the polls show that some party is going to win by a
landslide so why vote? Whats the point?
The demotivating effect
Im not interested in politics, but when an election comes along, I cant avoid it, its
talked about everywhere so i get into it.
Motivating effect
7 potential efffects of polls:
The Potential Effects of Polls
Lec 12: Political Parties
2:35 PM
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Lec12: PoliticalParties November-30-10 2:35PM Goodessayquestionfromlastweek: Talkaboutthefirstpart thepost electoralsystem Howdothe electoralsystemdistortthesupportforthepoliticalpartiesandhowtheregionsappear. Whatare thealternativesofthefirstpastthepostsystem? Partiesandvotingbehaviour: 1. PotentialeffectsofPolls 2. FunctionsofParties 3. PartiesinHistoricalPerspective 1. ThePotentialEffectsofPolls a. Thereisa theorythatpollsaffectvotingbehaviour b. Politiciansthinksthatpollsmakeadifference i. Abillpassedthatsaidthatno mediaisallowedtopublishapollwithin3daysofan election. 1) Thepresseswenttothecourtsto say that thisnewlawinfringedontheirrightsof thepressandfreedomofexpression. a) Thecourtssaidthat thelawwas OK and waswithinreasonablelimits b) Thenthecasewentto thesupremecourt. i) Theysaiditwasoverboardbecauseitlimitsfreedomofthepressand publication,andwhyshouldthepublicbedeniedthisinformation ii) Theyalsosaidthatit wasunderboardbecausethepolldoesnotdisclose itsmethodology.Notrestrictiveenoughbecausethepresswouldnot showthemethodsofpolling.Inaccuratepollscouldstillappearinthe papersbutthemethodologywouldhavetobeprovidedaswell. One. Doesthepublicreallyknowhowtodecipherorunderstandthe methodology? Two. Theprofdoesnotthinkthat ev
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