Parties and voting behaviour

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6 Dec 2010
NOV 30, 2010
Test will be at:
255 McCaul Street (EX) Rooms 100/300
The Test t what we should be able to discuss:
Growth of the franchise in Canada
How does the electoral system distort the performance of parties? What factors are considered when
taking into account the performance of a party? (Regions, etc).
Parties and Voting Behaviour:
1. Potential effects of polls
2. Functions of parties
3. Parties in historical perspective
Prof says that there are entire course about parties vÀ}]vPZÀ]}µXt[P}]vP}Çv}À
as much as we can today.
Before we had polling methodology, the leaders of the parties would find out what was going on in the
}µvÇ(}uZ]DW[t ZDW[Á}µo(oÁZ}oÁZ]vl]vPv saying in their
accurate view.
t[o}P}]vP}proach a historical perspective of Canada and polls.
Prof asks: Do you believe that the publication of polls during an election affects the way people vote?
The entire class thinks that the publication of polls influences voting behaviour.
He then asks how many of us have been influenced by polls when voting t ][ñì-50 response, which is
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