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The Social and Economic Setting

Political Science
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Victoria Wohl

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The Social and Economic Setting
THREE FAULT LINES: Ch. 1, pp. 26: 3 axes around which Canadian politics has revolved.
(1) Cleavage between English/French speaking communities
- Dates back to 1759, defeat of French forces in Quebec.
- Issues of different language groups, religion, cultural recognition.
- Small English speaking minority, dominant political economic group: English,
small subjugated French, English became majority
- Discourse from subjugation to sovereignty
(2) Canada’s colonial relationship (French, Britain, AMERICAN relations)
- American Revolution: Canadians were part of the Loyalists
- 19th century concern: that U.S. would annex Canada
- 20th century concern (Since WWII) : defending/protecting Canadian culture +
American domination of Canadian economy !many corporations are protected
from FOREIGN ownership
(3) Regionalism (relatively modern)
Canada doesn’t have much history, but it has an excess of geographyMackenzie
- Product of vastness/diversity of Canada.
- Provincial governments have reinforced regionalism/political agendas:
manufacturing POPULATION + INDUSTRY (Central Canada in
Ontario/Quebec), resource hinterlands (Western Canada)
Demands + Supports
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