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30 Mar 2012
Interest Groups and political movements
Limitations of the political participation through the electoral system
Party an elected system principal means of accommodating various interest in
Canadian politics
respond to their interest. Individuals can either seek representation of their
interests by voting or approaching MPs.
Limitations? i.e elections are on selected days, individual can express their
concerns, only on those days, party lies; party platforms have a certain program to
follow, and if your interest doesn‟t reflect their electoral program most likely the
concerns won‟t be answered
Political party members?
Expanding the Notion of Political Participation
Discuss conceptual differences between interest groups and social movements
Civil society advocacy (civil society; institutions and orgs that exist between individual
and the state)
Interest groups
Any group that seeks to influence government (public) policy without putting up their
own political candidates.
Becomes PRESSURE GROUPS when it actively lobbies the gov‟t.
Organizations whose members act together to promote their common interests.
Guided by shared Interest (see Iris Marion Yong)
Social movements
A network of organizations that engages in political or cultural struggle to expand the
boundaries of the existing system and undertake collective agencies to
-Policy communities and interest groups
i. Public communities consist of gov‟t agencies, interest groups, corporations, the
media, and academics
ii. Consulting with external groups gives LEGITIMACY to g
Interest groups targets and methods
1.Bureaucracy close relationship b/t interest groups and most relevant gov‟t agencies,
development of a clientele relationship where the interest group and the government
agencies are interchangeable, i. e. CMA and Health Canada, Canadian Federation of
Agriculture & Agriculture and Agrifoods Canada
2. the PM, cabinet, ministers
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