POL214Y1 Lecture Notes - Behaviorism, Corporatism, Robert A. Dahl

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31 Mar 2011
POL 203
Mar 29 Interest Groups & Social Movements
Exam is in EX200 and EX300 from 2:10 to 4:00
Format is the same as first term
oThree sections, three essay topics in each sections
oEach essay is of equal value
oMake sure you do all three; dont sacrifice one for another
Good exam question from last week:
oPerspectives and theories on how media shapes and controls political agenda
oDifferent filters on the media (ideological, organizational, regulatory,
technological, etc.)
Today, Jim Flaherty is still Minister of Finance, but he isnt technically an MP
oThe Parliament they were elected in is now dissolved
oCabinet stays in power
However, their powers are limited: Flaherty cant finalize deal with
Quebec offering compensation being asked for the adoption of the HST
in the 90s
Many express concerns that organized interests have undue influence in the political
oWouldnt be a problem if these interests coincided with the national interest
oHowever, are they?
oBesides from procedural concerns, common substantive concern with the
dilemma of factionalism
Goals of some groups are contrary to other groups of society as a whole
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