Trajectory of Quebec nationalism

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4 Apr 2011
feb 15, 2011
Trajectory of Quebec nationalism
1. Ideological evolution
2. language policy
federal gov.
question for a test?: quebec nationalism and historical landmarks trajectory of quebec nationalism
through its ideological revolution.
From a society which catholic religious symolo was important...
3 distinct periods-ideology.
ideological evolution
1. survivance (1840-1950) -conservative
dominant ideology in quebec from the 1840s affter rebellion until the death of murice duplice...
classical conservatism. in the brti tradition its torrism. survival... protecting french canadian culture from
the liberalism. from democracy- materialism. from industrialism. from moderization, urbanization,
angli, protestansm, features were associated with the english canada. Quebec life style which was
celebrated was more virtuous. was the quebec national history. its language, religion, pure than
protestantism. it was associated with quebec's roots with its antiindustrialism, anit-mass communication,
anti imperial. these were was clergys who were in control. glorified quebec's educational system. as the
best educational system.... celebrated purity of their language. religion as puriest religion-humanist-
spiritual. value of cathulisism.... divorce wasnt permmitted. no birth control endorsed. prime minister of
canada was jean cretien- who was youngest who gave birth to 19 children. more children in french
means more contributes towards the money. 1911- 1/2 million ppl in quebec. 1.3 million were french
canadians. 200thousand were english speaking. out of 1.3 million, french canadians there was total of
722 post secondary students. out of 200thousand englsih canadians, there were double that double of
students of 1358. these students were studying out of 722 post secondary of french canadians, total 27
were studyying science. out of english, 2000, 250 studied science. values are different group value
science. culture, language, religion, its history... in terms of federal relations, late 1950s, a lot of moey in
ottawa, to build universities. quebec now wants all the money it can get. it wants higher education but it
doesnt feel that the fed wants that priorities. quebec government didnt beleive in big government. it
divolved into the church. it didnt have 1964 an educaation or health- welfare. business, industrialization,
urbaniztion... was english. quebec were french canadians. finance ministry until 1960 were anglophones.
ideal in quebec was close relationship between church and the state. as 1951 only 30% of those 15-19
years old were in school. by 1961 its 50% nd 1962 survey was done of unversity students quebec had
and what their father had, 50% of the fathers of the university had less than grade 9 education. this
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ideology is dominant until the queit revolution. authority, heirarchy, upholding social solidarity. rural
life style. many children.... whos goign to take over the land? many french moved to new england and to
montreal into factories. turn of 20th C. montreal was anglophones than fracphone. as 20th C, between
economic conditions and needs, many moved. this contradiction of value in quebec and economic
reality exploded with the queit revolution. some of the ideas floatede around after 2nd world war.
objective here, catch up. to the rest of north america. economic model-- political models were how does
governmnet work? if you got job at the governmnet, you were required to give a kick back. this ideology
begins to discredit the church. in quebec before was economic heirarchy. english were up there and
cultural segmentation. moderization embracing. quebec had the highest birth rate and droped to lowest
birthrates in the world. objective of this second ideology and rather passive state... aggressive activist
state. under the union nationale, government barely regulated industry. when liberal gave power, only
12 econimists... in quebec's civil service. support base for that was rural. 90% of the memebrs of
legislatie assembly for the union nationale came outside of monreal and quebec city. govdid litle... with
the queit revolution, activist governmnet. nationalized number of industries... governmnet owwned
businesses. in economic development, financial development, invovled in making/assembling stuff....
state takes over social service functions (health, education, welfare) strive to serve modernization.
motto of governmnet- master in our own house... gvernment is the principle motive of the quebec
economy. there is a sense of self-reliance of self confidence and anti statism. all of these expense at
church and ideology. more taxation... we should be signing treaties... older iedoloty, quebec was seen as
a beating heart. under this idelogy, infact french canadian- since 1960, quqbec looked to their states, to
enhance status of french. 1961-1971, post secondary education exploded. 60thousadn to 140 thousand.
ones who wnet to university, incresed techonoloy-business, sceinece... nowevery minister has been a
fracophone. only 23% went into the private sector. even the business schools.... ex rotman. only 5%
went into government. quebec civil service was built up and teachers were hired, teachers hired, social
workers hired. etc. not the church but public sector and new class was created. the new bourgeoise.
basic support came from academics, students, from middle class just like the basis support from farmers
nd rural areas and from the church. in the 60s power in the 70s.... depassage (future) and
epanouissement (bloosiming/flower/development) highest min.wage in the country, laws of worker
replacements, it calls the corporate state. if you read renee leveque, he is committed to income
prosperities. equality of opportunity. and increase participation of government and french enterprise.
what are the soruces of ideology? in the 60s, lot of things were going on, early 60s, decolonization. all of
the sudden, new countries appeared. ex nigeria, togo, congo, centerial african rep., etc. french
canadians are saying, all these colonized ppl are now independent states, with presidents and no
governmnet representation. we are colonzied too in canada! we want to go beyond liberalism. anti-
colonial. we are critical of capitalism. we are concenred with equal conditions. basis support for this
ideology comes from academics and number of journalists, unionists, nationalists, so they also are
discrediting the liberasl.. and point back to older society. under the church unions in quebec were
organized seeratel than the english because church afraid of liberal ideas from the rest of anglo and
north america so they had seperate cathollic union. quebec unions criticize american unios because it
was discussing nationalization of private _. by 60s same unions were criticizing amercian federalization
becuse it was too alligent and associated with captialism. went to attacking rest of north american
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