social and economic setting

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8 Apr 2011
POL 214 Jan 1/2011
The social and economic setting
This term we look more at identities and political problems (regionalism big part of
Canadian politics), language politics, Canada in a broader context (Canada and the World),
multiculturalism, aboriginal politics, media, and interest groups.
1.Three Fault Lines
2.A System Approach
3.Material well-being
5.Quality of life
Three Fault Lines (of Canadian politics)
Chapter 1 pages 26-28 Brooks talks about three axis which Canadian politics revolve
The first fault line is the rift btw the English and French colonies in Canada. The
2nd fault line is Canadian and American relations, and the 3rd fault line is
regionalism. All 3 relate to the constitutions and institutions we studied in the first
1st fault line: English/French fault line goes back to 1759 and the defeat of the
French by the English on the Plains of Abraham. When looking at this we take into
consideration the differences in language, religion and culture. At this time the
majority was French and the minority was English. By 1850s the English speakers
were majority and they wanted recognition. Since then when the French became
minority they were worried about their distinct culture and language (being
overtaken/overridden by English Canada).
2nd fault line is the Canadian/American relation: they had quite a different
relationship to the colonising power (British Crown), USA revolted and Canada
remained loyal. In the 19th century the fear was that the US might annex Canada
and take it over, since the 20th century the concern has been defending or protecting
Canadian culture and American domination of the Canadian economy (Canadian
foreign or defence policy). Canadians do not know who they are but they know who
they’re not...Americans. The threat to French Canada is not from America, its from
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