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POL215Y1 Lecture Notes - Totalitarianism, Socialist Republic Of Romania, Authoritarianism

Political Science
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Lynette Ong

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Ernie Tam
Lecture #3-Competetive advantage of Authoritarian regimes vs.
democratic regimes
Big themes
Revival of authoritarian regimes.
Democracies and the challenges of democratic consolidation to have
hybrid regimes.
Strength of authoritarian regimes.
oWhat are the advantages theoretical and practical of democracy?
Moral attractiveness of democratic ideas
What are the practical advantages of authoritarian regimes
GOVERNANCE and governability and what regimes can deliver to citizens?
Are there hybrid regimes? Are they stable?
One article argues that democracy is a byproduct of a global system
struggle and the United States somehow won this struggle. This led to
the spread of democratic ideals.
Emergence of China has created a second alternative.
Japan had great potential to become a democracy and there was great
pressure to have democratic reforms but was suppressed by the
oHad a natural indigenous foundation that later turned out to be
one of the rare transplantations of democratic institutions.
From the postwar era, the efforts to assist in suppressing the rural
rebellion in Philippines and the Malaysian country, Vietnam , Korea,
which then led to the defeat of the US in Vietnam. (discomfort by US to
establish its own democracy in these countries)
Critical role in the US in providing overarching security for Asia. The
irony is that the US lost the battle but ultimately won the war. (triumph
of markets in the Asian market and eliminated the struggle of the US)
Rationalization of the embracement of dictators was underpinned by
writings of former US ambassador, Patrick, who developed the policy or
justification for embracing dictators.
oBest alternative to totalitarian dictators.
oAs predatory and corrupt they are, at least they are susceptible
to change.
Bought and compelled to change.
You support soft authoritarian regime because they are better than the
next authoritarian regime. (which is totalitarian)
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