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POL215Y1 Lecture Notes - Greater China, Violin Technique, 1997 Asian Financial Crisis

Political Science
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Lynette Ong

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Ernie Tam
Lecture #7-Taiwan
Sunset clause to the current formulaOne country two systems and
expires at 2027.
oHong Kong can enjoy its own political and economic system
oTransitional periodSubstantial period to go still
In Taiwan it is understood that Beijing calls the shots (for
independence issue)
The term greater China emerged in the late 1980s…in reference to
dependence on China’s economy from Taiwan and HK.
Speculative rehearsed causality and ask the question of how Taiwan
and Hong Kong had influenced democratic Change in China.
Hong Kong is a laboratory of political change in which the Chinese tries
to understand
oIn a region subjected to political control,
Incorporation of incompatible form of democracy
Taiwanese rejected the formula of one country: two system (in
reference to China being the one country)
In 1980s, the term greater China came to be, there was a lot of
oAs researchers going from HK to Taiwan, there was a sensitive
oIn the 1980s, it became possible to travel to both places
There was a big interdependence between Taiwan and China.
When PRC becomes a democracy, Taiwan would join back. (possibility)
oSame with HK
oIntertwined processes
By 2017,Mainland HK would hold universal elections
oThe 2010 political reform agreement (Negotiated with the
Chinese and there was a partial agreement)
oDistrict elections (November), 1200 selection member for chief
executive (December)
Membership has been consistently 800 for a number of years. Size of
the electorate has been increased to 1200 in the future.
Candidates can put forth their candidacy based on a certain number of
signatures. (vote of 1200)
700 constituency seats
Ultimately, this system is dominated by executive in which the chief
executive is slected by China. THe point is that; the system will alter
based on Beijing’c commitment.
All of HK will vote in popular election. Very significant change.
What are the optics of China being ruled by some sort of democracy in
a small region?
oWhy can’t HK or Southeast have particular rights and not us?
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