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POL312Y1 Lecture Notes - Collective Security, Unilateralism, Doxa

Political Science
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POL312 Canadian Foreign Policy
Lecture 17
Prof. Greaves
Feb 14 2013
What is multilateralism?
- Unproblematic
- UN
- Cooperation
- Part of the post Cold War international doxa
- Not necessarily true in theory or practice
- Long precedence in modern world politics
o Pre-institutional: spheres of influence, holly alliance, concern of
Europe, Versailles
o Institutional:
Collective security
Regional multilateralism
Global coordination
Global governance
- Challenged by Bush 43 (younger one)
- Canada = chief offender?
Lecture structure
- The concept is multilateralism
o Thin conceptualization
o Thick conceptualization
- Canadian multilateralism
o In theory
o In practice
o Canada and the Iraq War
The concept 1
- Etymology
o Multus (many) + Lateralus (side)
o Many sides
o Distinguished from unilateral and bilateral
o Thin definition: more than 2
Coalition of the Willing
Any activity of 2 or more states
o Thus people have been unsatisfactory about these, they think it is
more than about numbers
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