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POL312Y1 Lecture Notes - Peacekeeping, Human Security

Political Science
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POL312 Canadian Foreign Policy
Lecture 14
Prof. Greaves
Jan 17 2013
Defense policy
- Shared continent means US defense policy has a lot of influence on us
- We developed nuclear power and weapons after the developing power,
which changed from the idea that we are surrounded by ocean
- Canadian military was pretty impressive by the end of WW2 considering its
population size. We took advantage of the fact that US has a very strong
- Canada in making military decisions
o We do just as much as we need to defend ourselves. We are concerned
about what US thinks. If we Canada didn’t do certain things that don’t
satisfy US, US wont like us.
o We are dependent on economic activity with US, so we know we need
to do things to satisfy them. We are not really worried about ourselves
but US may be concerned about their security.
- Robinson suggested defense model
o You can have a really bad military but still achieve your goal.
o Concern is not that China will threaten US but that US is not the un-
rivaled military power.
o “fire proof house” – describe visually the attack that is surrounded by
- Defense against what?
o Basic question in military
o Never-ending warfare with each other defending your land is the
essence of this.
o The world and international system is orderly and less over-violence
than anytime in modern history.
o i.e. Boer War
- Canada’s inside
o British empire
o Cold war west and NATO
Canada has a lot of troops in Germany which seems to be part
of our inside. We committed ourselves to fight there so it is
part of our inside.
We need to balance our sovereignty with the reality of what
America has to say
o UNPK operations
Cold war ends and you have demand for UN to become an
active military participant
Canada was not a peace keeping nation in this time but we sent
a lot of troops to a lot of places but this idea of actively sending
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