POL326Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Straight Time, Co-Creation, Nuclear Warfare

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7 Dec 2017
October 3, 2017 - Lecture 4:
First term test; December 5th UC 266 from 10-12
Office hours 2-4, room 308, 1 Devonshire Place
If one were trying to disconfirm the claim that Canada is a principal power/#1, one would start
by underling that 1 ranking in any way, can’t be in the middle of anything
Is there any evidence at all on any relevant level that Canada ranks #1 in the world
Each country is suggested to have 6 national interests that they must pursue and secure
at least to an adequate amount
Ch.2; Survival of state, security, sovereignty, territory, legitimacy and relative capability
Territory; ranks #1 in territorial expansion, a trend not a level, Canada ranks number 2 in level
to Russia who has been downsizing
Not just one land mass but an oceanic power, largest coastlines of any country
Coastlines and territory could be considered a capability, or a entity to harness/use
Not a middle power in this regard
Canada has coastlines on three great oceanic coastlines, but much of it in the Arctic
Much of coastline is so far from where population is most dense
Climate change could effect coastlines in Arctic
Pacific Coast is most significant for incoming immigrants and boats
Atlantic Coast is most significant for the T War of 1995 with the Spanish fishermen overfishing
and undermining the business of Newfoundland fishermen
CFP is at the centre of Canadian public life
Canadians elite daily national newspaper: Globe and Mail
Canada is the least vulnerable important/major country in the world as far as deaths
from terrorism on or over its soil, or terrorism of global reach...depends on definition
PD theory; predicated mostly on first question considered in FP is rank but with a great focus
on vulnerabilities, holes in the hard shell of sovereignty that allow alien forces to flood in and
potentially erode or end the countries autonomy from inside
TV, spies, environmental pollutants, illegal immigrants, transnational criminals,
US penetrate to the point where we still appear to be silvering despite being so
imperialized and dead inside, policy determined from outside
Highly predictable FP, can always tell because of the whims of the outside force
Many have said Canada is always in rush to pledge full support to US, “I, ready”
Will always pledge allegiance, or so it is perceived
Whatever course the outside imperial power takes, Canada will imitate
Long argued that this pattern is followed so much that the country is destined to
Too easy to write off as nationalist nightmares
Real concern that Canada truly could disappear and be consumed by US, not just fantasy
Central characteristics in CFP currently reflect this ideology, can be seen all the way back in
Amongst other things, it shows how we need more than one policy for CFP because LI
does not do the job in describing and explaining CAN behaviour and the determinants of
it, especially during CMC
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