POL337Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Canadian Confederation, Unanimous Consent, Patriation Reference

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28 Mar 2016

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Lecture 9 (nov 23): constitutional change since the 1960s part 3. 10 terms, and to address the consituional signiicance of that term. There will be a list of more than 10 terms. Go through the outline and ind terms you think will be on the test. Go over the lectures, and textbook, and comply a list you think would be in the test. The federal government in 1992 failed the need to do something, to act quickly to disarm the scission movement of its consituional war. He drew upon the reference procedure and framed a quesions to the sc regarding the would be consituionality of a unilateral succession by quebec. In no small part, was aimed at delaying the whole consituion/poliical process that was growing in quebec before the second referendum. Chreien resorted to this policy of consituionalizing this dispute. From that point on, it all came to a consituional struggle with very litle poliies behind it.