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Lecture 1

Political Science
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LEC01 Sep14/10
Emotions on one hand are something that we know in everyday in the field of our
political life= or the intuitive political knowledge.
However, emotional components have been often ignored in the central features in
In the modern days, there are movements and whole variety of rethinking of
emotions that are centrality in our lives.
Basic and Central question:
-What is emotion?
-Is it a uniform phenomenon or a multiplicity phenomenon?
-How do we see/thinks emotions in our politics? Do we distinguish between
good/bad emotions?
-How should emotions function in the modern political philosophy? How do we
come to analytic articulation to emotions? How do we have a better normative
understanding of emotions?
-How can we think about a model of a good society and how do emotions figure
within that?
Good political philosophy needs to be in account of a better understanding of
articulations of human beings and it starts with the right description of individuals and
emotions. And then we can build up a better political theories on that.
Two questions:
-Why have the emotions been neglected in the field of political history of political
4 reasons on the marginalization of emotions in political theory:
a)Western traditions began to think emotions as solely a private
phenomenon, things that happen in each and every one of us. We cannot
really theorize idiosyncratic emotions. The modern tradition has neglected
the shared emotions.
b)The idea of passions and emotions were regarded as dangerous. The
way of thinking that political theory has to motivate peace in the liberal
discourse that emotions are too patriotic that make people kill
themselves. Avoidance of strong emotions.
c)New trend came up: Human nature began to be re-described in terms of
interests rather than emotions… because of the strategic calculability in
the idea of interests that allows us contain and control the passion and
d)Elevating of the rational theory as the good basis in the political theory. A
sense of rational rules dominating this field. Level of moral action is
interpreted to be to act on the sense of rationale.
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